Thursday, 21 May 2015

Borrow & Lend

I don't usually carry cash around. I've gotten to the point where I pay for everything using my credit card. It's even easier to do this now that we have the tap to pay feature in our credit cards here in Canada. But occasionally, when I go out with my co-workers for lunch, I end up at a place that takes cash only and I have to borrow $10 or $20 from someone to pay for lunch. I wanted a way to keep track of this and so I wrote the Borrow & Lend App.

You can not only track the money you lend or borrow from people, but you can track anything. For example, if you lent out a DVD, borrowed a book, or just owe someone a nice dinner for helping you move, you can track it in the Borrow & Lend App.

I wrote this application entirely in Swift and using only Apple provided libraries, so no need for CocoaPods or any other 3rd Party library. My secondary motivation for writing this App was to learn Swift and I learned a lot (which I'll be writing about soon).

Try the app out and let me know what you think. It's now available on the App Store.